Middle Aged Couple

The main word used by attendees after attending is relief.

90-minute keynote to seven-hour course.

Spouses are encouraged to attend!

For new grads, the course is modified to treat student debt issues and provide early ways to enhance wealth-building.

Topics below may be chosen for presentations of different lengths:

What are the 10 common traits of early retirees?  What 6 things can we all do to build wealth in 2016?

Your Retirement Number:  This is Dr. Carlsen’s most popular section. With no pre-course preparation, attendees, via worksheets and tables, assemble a personal retirement budget, which is used to calculate your retirement “number”—how much you need to save for retirement at a given age.  You will also find out how much you will need to save per year.

Do-It-Yourself Finance: Dr. Carlsen published a seven part series in Dentaltown Magazine in 2012 and 2013 including:

  1. home financial set-up
  2. cash flow
  3. debt
  4. saving and investing strategies
  5. insurance
  6. estate planning
  7. financial scams

The series is discussed in detail.

Case Study:  Dr. Will Billings is ill.  He’s an intelligent doc with chronic “docitis.” Will’s net is $300,000 per year and he deserves doctor “style.” Of course, he is developing the proper persona with appreciation of quality in all things.  Trouble is, his financial digestive tract is not only impacted, but flowing in reverse.

You and your fellow docs will get Will to financially exercise (save), tame his gluttonous diet (spending) and provide a way to reverse the anxiety of his carefully built edifice (debt).

When your mind gets in the way. Everyone has questions and doubts about money.  Most of us “know” certain rules from personal experience yet fear we don’t know the important ones.  Stress/pain issues are also addressed in detail. Examples:  I’m deadly afraid of the next stock market crash. I’m afraid my children will need to support me in old age.

Your Financial Life: Attendees then fill out financial forms without actual figures.  As before, no preparation is necessary. Questions and answers for the following categories and more are covered:

  • Investments and savings strategies:  I lecture for 5 minutes; we discuss as long as needed.
  • Debt strategy:  I lecture for 2 minutes; we discuss as long as needed.
  • Rental properties and second homes, children and college savings, insurance needs, and other topics are covered as time permits.

Your New Story:  What will you personally change in you life by Monday, a year, five years?

You are insured to come away with a clear understanding of your personal financial situation with the comfort of having a plan for the future.


Upon completion, attendees will:

  1. Calculate a retirement budget and know the total amount of savings needed to retire at a given age.
  2. Have knowledge of what early retirees did to overcome debt and overspending, making retirement possible.
  3. Have access to online software to track one’s savings and goals.
  4. Have an appreciation of how emotional factors influence our financial behavior.
  5. Have a more concise understanding of their personal financial situation.
  6. Devise personal financial g
  7. Realize that debt and overspending are rampant in our profession.
  8. oals for the future.

For 5 to 500 doctors. Spouses are encouraged to attend.
The “neutral” financial environment has been very popular with couples.



Pacific Northwest Dental Conference 2015

Western Regional Convention 2015

Townie Meeting, Las Vegas 2013, 2015

ADA San Antonio 2014

Northern California Asian Dentists 2014

Big Apple Meeting, Bronx Dental Society 2013


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