16 Feb 2013
February 16, 2013


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Dr. Doug Carlsen retired at age 53 from a 25 year restorative practice. He never produced $1,000,000, yet was able to budget wisely to be financially free at an early age.


Doctor’s will be assisted to develop an individualized plan to become financially independent of practice income as early in life as possible.


Doctors and Dr. Carlsen find simple solutions in plain Engiish using simple arithmetic to control debt and amplify savings.  We work on personal and practice solutions.

No two doctors are alike. Each, with assistance, forms an individual plan.  There are never  contracts to sign.


Dr. Carlsen studies the habits of doctors aged 50-65 who have no debt with wealth of $4,000,000 to $10,000,000 not including their residence. He also studies methodologies of investment and debt management from major academic sources.

Dr. Carlsen Postion:

Rather than present opinions, Carlsen’s writing and lectures continually cite academic research and authors. Financial methods are utilized using academic rigor and proper metrics to establish principles of debt, saving, and investment management.

No products or investment services are sold. Carlsen has no financial or legal connections to any product, program, or company.

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