16 Feb 2013
February 16, 2013

Couples and Money: Dentaltown June 2012

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What separates financial matrimonial cheer from calamity?

The House: Next to best schools or as near as possible to
Nordstrom? What multiple of a thousand square feet do we need?
What will other dentists think? And later: the new kitchen, the
remodeled bathroom or the pool? Can’t we do it all now?

The New Car: Leather or fabric, SiriusXM? No GPS? Are you
crazy! What will other dentists think?

Emergencies: Mason did what – which hospital this time?
Tree house? I didn’t know we had one. Brittany crushed the
Honda again? She’s on double iProbation!

Staff Holiday Bonuses: How much do I get? If any dental couple in America can answer “T” to all the questions on the next page, I’d be shocked, yet the quiz provides a basis for discussion. The preceding quiz was altered from a more detailed treatment in Smart Couples Finish Rich. David Bach’s book presents an easy guide to couples and finance which I highly recommend.

Ron Lieber of The New York Times provides four financial
issues to be discussed before marriage, but are also appropriate
well into marriage.

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