• Let us help you reach your financial and retirement goals.

    Let us help you reach your financial and retirement goals.

  • Your future begins today.

    Your future begins today.


The Dentist's Retirement Number in 9 Minutes

Dr. Doug Carlsen retired at age 53 from a 25 year restorative practice. He never produced $1,000,000, yet was able to be financially free at an early age.


How is Dr. Carlsen different?

The workshops, writing, and videos are based on extensive interviews of early retirees and doctors who still choose to work with wealth, not including their homes, of between $3M and $10M.

Carlsen has no financial connection with any individual or company.

When you call or email, you always get Dr. Carlsen, not an employee.

No financial products are promoted nor does Carlsen invest doctors’ money.

Therefore, Carlsen does not use scare tactics or promote urgent messages.



Writing and Videos:

Over 40 articles in Dental Economics and Dentaltown Magazine are available.

All writing is based on academic financial research and interviews of dentists who have generated real wealth, not just high income.

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I’m Out; I’m Ready; I Owe That Much?

Young dentists face financial challenges beyond the imagination of practitioners even fifteen years ago.

Dr. Carlsen provides each participant an individual debt reduction and savings plan.  No Quicken printouts or planning before the course is needed.

Participants, via worksheets, list each debt with total and monthly payments. Participants also list any savings to date.  Via Carlsen’s savings and debt parameter sheets, attendees first prioritize debt payouts with a realistic timeline.  They then devise a savings strategy for the next ten years, and finally to retirement.

Retirement 101/ Do-it-Yourself Finance

You will be pleased to find a simple method to calculate your retirement budget, total savings needed for retirement, and savings needed per year. No pre-workshop preparation is needed.

Participants utilize exercises to manage current debt and maximize savings for the future.

You are insured to come away with a clear understanding of your personal financial situation with the comfort of having a plan for the future.

Two Docs Workshop

Along with the above material, Dr. Dick Reid joins Dr. Carlsen with insights on how to keep office overhead well below 50%.


Dr. Carlsen’s Articles

Click above for over 40 Dentaltown Magazine articles.